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The story of an Indian child #16 Vincent went to the institute, all he wanted was for Sheena not to be there
 For that one reason he thought he would be lucky to get to their house and see Sherin.
 His love for Sherrin made him a good reader.Daniel Defoe, Carlo Colladi
 Books by William Shakespeare, Maxim Gorky, Mopasang, Charles Dickens, Dostoyevsky, and books by famous Indian writers books were sheena took it from the library and gave it to Vincent
First of all In a hurry to see Sherin Half-read books,
saying that he have read the whole thing, In the next few days
he,. arrived at her house.

  But Sheena understood his thoughts and started asking him questions and questions from the middle of the book.
Inevitably, he read every book at night without falling asleep.
books by writers from many countries have opened new doors for him.
He also started serious reading ..
He used to organize books from different parts and read them and give them to Sheena 

 Thus a deep bond developed between Sheena and him
he went to Sherins house a few days and spend a lot of time for discussing books
He got a lot of time and opportunity to see Sherin, and he was very happy.
 But those beautiful girls knew that he was going to panic at the sting of life.

They, too, were beginning to understand his living conditions.
Sheena and Sherin knew full well that he was deeply in love with Sherin
But how much a teenager's love is worth and what its future holds,. Sheena, with good knowledge and intelligence, understood.

 Gradually his study of typewriting ceased. He was expelled from the Institute for several months for failing to pay his fees.
 Although he had no passion for typewriting, Sheena was deeply saddened to realize his existence.

His condition was so miserable that no one could help him

 Although he longed to see Sherin  but he did not go out of the house for a few days.
He longed for Sherin's closeness..Desiring Sherin's closeness, he simply wrote something on the pages of the book and read it several times.

 Yes he wrote a poem!!
 Yes he has become a writer.
 But his poems did not have the ability to smoke in a rain-soaked stove

Lying on a rag with a bloated stomach, he wondered how he could get out of all that poverty.

 The day has come when the call letter came from the college and the admission fee has to be paid ...
Father and mother shook hands.
 They too were helpless and said the father
 "I want to see if you can learn, but we can not afford the big expenses of college,"

Study as much as you can. "

 to be continued
 JP Palakkad


  1. Sad story. So true for many people. I was in that boat many, many years ago before all the governmental assistance. I sympathize with him. Thanks for sharing.


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